Sancta Sophia Meditation Community was founded to promote Inter Religious Dialogue especially through the practice and teaching of meditation. We have two images that express our hope for our community. The Hearth, place of gathering, meditation, silence and creativity. and the Open Door reminding the community that we are open to share our experience and vision with others and to receive inspiration and direction from other traditions.

Sancta Sophia is translated as “Holy Wisdom” and represents the communities search for Wisdom as it is found in the Great traditions of the world.

We wish to promote a strong sense of social justice and we recognise that this is best facilitated by helping people find freedom and a sense of personal dignity through the practice and teaching of meditation. Our approach to meditation is an holistic one and we foster this by emphasis on the unity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The core members of the community are members of the Catholic tradition which has a long history of human development and an openness to the transcendent. We are open to this Wisdom and seek to learn from it. It is this Wisdom that opens us to Wisdom present in other Traditions. Because of our openness to other traditions we use some prayer forms and rituals from these various traditions as a part of our spirit of dialogue.