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The death of Fr. Ken Petersen O.Carm.

He died as He lived

The Sancta Sophia Meditation Community, and the various communities and faith traditions associated with the community, including the Carmelite Fathers and the Dominican Sisters, are deeply saddened by the news that Father Ken Petersen passed away at about 4:45am on Saturday 13th June at the Mary McKillop Aged Care Facility, in Hawthorn East, in his 82nd Year. Sister Kathleen said `he died as he lived, in a peaceful state of consciousness’.

Kath was awoken around 4 am to be with him at his time of passing.

In his quiet, caring and unassuming way Ken has been a mentor, friend and light to many people on their pilgrimage.

The details for the celebration of Father Ken’s life will be announced during the coming week. It is fitting that many of us were able to share in the celebration of his 80th birthday and to celebrate his amazing life journey with him.  A journey which he has shared with Kathleen for the last 24 years at Karith.  They both founded the community.

It also seems fitting that Ken died a week after the celebration of the feast of the revelation of the Holy Trinity.  His last days being absorbed in the Easter mysteries.

We will feel tears of grief, yet in this time we will fill life anew in the light of Ken’s time of resurrection and the mystery of eternal life. It is difficult to find words to describe the passing of someone like Ken whose life was so immersed in the interfaith dialogue.

If you’re interested to learn more about the amazing life that Father Ken has lived in this community and the work that he and Kath have done, then please watch this page in the days ahead

Bruce Charles

The Funeral for Fr. Ken Petersen O. Carm. Was held on Monday 22nd of June 2020 at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel, in Middle Park, Victoria.

The funeral service, in both video and audio format can be viewed on this site at Fr Ken Funeral Service
The Video and Audio have been enhanced to some extent. The audio being clearest.

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