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First Anniversary of the death


Fr. Ken Petersen O.Carm.

A year has now passed since Fr Ken Petersen’s death on the 13th June 2020.

As individuals and as members of the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community, we continue to remember Fr. Ken and the way he touched our lives, especially through Sancta Sophia, the life and work he did with Sr Kathleen

Much has happened since his death.

A wonderful celebration of his life with a Requiem Mass, somewhat dampened by Covid restrictions, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park on 22 June 2020.

The realisation that Karith, the Carmelite House of Prayer, where Fr Ken and Sr Kathleen founded and nurtured the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community for 25 years, would have to close.

Although a time of grief, for Sr Kathleen, she set about, amidst having to pack up the house, planning a fitting closing ceremony for Karith.

On Sunday, 31st January 2021, this hard work culminated in a wonderful closing ceremony celebrating the Legacy of Sancta Sophia and the Carmelite House of Prayer.
The Video of the service has been added as we acknowledge the first Anniversary of Fr Ken’s death.

At the ceremony the book ‘Sancta Sophia Meditation Community: Memories in Mosaic’ edited by Michele Gierck, with a foreword written by Sr Kathleen, was launched together with a Legacy Video of the Community, produced by Kevin Dawson.

Soon afterwards, Karith was taken over by its new owners whilst Kath  moved to her new home in Camberwell.

In all this time, Kath has been strongly supported by members of the community.  Support she is deeply grateful for.

Although, Karith is closed and with that Sancta Sophia, Kath is now exploring if the community can develop an online presence.

For practical reasons, the number of people able to contribute to the book was limited, but if you would like to write a contribution on how the community impacted your life you are welcome to send it to me to be published on the Website. I had hoped, by now, to have made greater progress on the Website as a legacy to the work of Fr Ken, Sr Kathleen and the Community.  This will eventuate.

I pray that the wonderful legacy of Sancta Sophia will continue to inspire you on your life journey.


(Rev) Bruce Charles

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Sancta Sophia Closing Order of Service Printed

Sancta Sophia Closing Service Video

Legacy Video

Video Help page

Closure of Sancta Sophia Meditation Community


Carmelite House of Prayer

The Crest of the Carmelite Order returned to the Provincial of the Order after 43 Years

On a beautiful warm, Sunny afternoon, Sunday 31st January 2021, over 100 people gathered for the closing ceremony for the Sancta Sophia Meditation community and Carmelite House of Prayer and to honour the Meditation Communities founders:

Fr Ken Petersen


Sr. Kathleen Murphy.

Fr Ken passed away in June last year.

The Carmelite House of Prayer was established some 43 years ago, At the property in Riverturn Lane, Warburton, as part of a movement to encourage the contemplative life for people from various walks of life. Twenty Five years ago, the House of Prayer became the home of the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community.

The Order of Service for the closing ceremony can be viewed here.

Sancta Sophia Closing Service Video

A video on the Legacy of the Community, produced by Kevin Dawson can be viewed with this link: Legacy Video

(If you have any issues viewing the video see the help page)

At the Closing ceremony, there was a a launch of a book on the life of the community.  

Sancta Sophia Meditation Community: Memories in Mosaic

Was edited and compiled by Michele Gierck 

Michele Says of the book

“the book started out as an idea from documenting the history of the community, to Sr Kathleen wanting to honour Fr Ken’s memory.

The 21 contributors – all who have been part of the community – wrote about how vibrant and life-giving the community was.

In doing so, the book is a treasure, full of memories and experience that honour Fr Ken, Sr Kathleen and the community they created.

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