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Worship is central to the life of the meditation community. Kath and Ken have a regular rythm of worship that people can share in.

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There are regular programs on various areas of Spirituality

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The community has a regular retreat program including: day retreats, weekend retreats and personal retreats with a director available if you wish

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Update for 2020

We give thanks that Sophia meditation community celebrated 24 years at Karith promoting peace through meditation and interreligious dialogue

Due to Ken’s variable state of health, we have not organised, at this stage, any programs for the year but we still have Eucharist every Sunday at 11am and of course visitors are always welcome for a personal quiet day or just drop in for a chat.  Groups are still welcome to contact us about using the facility for their own programs.

Ken and Kathleen are very appreciative of your prayers and support at this time

Easter Update

Dear Friends

The story of Easter is never usual.  This year we are, perhaps closer to how the original disciples felt than in some other years.  They were hiding for fear of the Establishment of the time.  We are hiding for fear of the corona virus.  Prayer in times of fear and bewilderment is at the heart of the Christian faith.

The community of Sancta Sophia, like all faith communities, is physically scattered and even more so for Sr Kathleen and Fr Ken, at the moment.  Ken is at present in the Healesville Hospital, recuperating and rehabilitating after a hip operation that he has come through quite well.

As we once again share the journey of resurrection, please keep both Ken and Kathleen in your prayers, also being mindful of how stressful this  time is for Kathleen as she visits Ken each day.

Keep safe and may we pray that each of us, all humanity, will know the same power at work in us that raised Jesus from the dead  (Ephesians 1:19-20)

Bruce Charles

If you are not receiving emails or not on the email list and would like to be, contact Ken or Kathleen.

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