Meditation Day Retreats

Meditation days are an opportunity to spend a longer time in Meditation practice. There will be group Meditation, Movement and Ritual.

Meditation days for the rest of 2019:

September 21 – Cancelled

November 1

December 14

You are asked to bring some Lunch to Share.

Cost: $30.00. Time 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Coming Events

 Saturday, 5 October 2019

(rescheduled from 17 August)

The Eightfold Path and Christian Love-

A Meditative Engagement

The Rev. Paul Sanders, Zen teacher in the Diamond Sanga

and a Uniting Church Minister will facilitate the Day

exploring the ethical dimension of mindfulness

– making real our insight in a world where despair and fear are rising.

A day of sitting and walking Meditation

with some input.

Cost $85.00 including Lunch

10.00 am – 4.00 pm.


as we need a guaranteed minimum number of participants


Enneagram 3 Workshop

Saturday, 12 October 2019

10 AM to 4:30 PM

cost $85

our presenter is

John Stuart

a well-known teacher of the Enneagram,

who has been working with us for a number of years

and has always proved himself to be a provocative and entertaining teacher.

Booking ASAP

Previous Events


The Two Paths

With Swamini Vinayananda

“Diverging paths, one called ignorance, the other wisdom.” KATHA UPANISHAD

There are two paths in all spiritual traditions; one leading to

the changeless Reality and the other to the ever-changing Ephemeral.


Saturday 13 July 2019

10am to 4pm

Cost: $85 lunch included

Payment by Electronic Transfer

BSB 633108 A/C 110266335

Or by Cheque or Cash


50 Riverturn Lane Warburton 3799

Registration & Enquiries: Kathleen Murphy

Phone: (03) 5966 2120 E-mail:


Previous Events This Year

Enneagram Workshops:

Enneagram 1, 30th and 31st March

Enneagram 2, 25th and 26th May

which will be facilitated by Kathleen Murphy and Ken Petersen.

 Time 10 00 am – 4.30 pm.

This workshop promises to be a stimulating and rewarding experience for us all

 The program for the weekend will be as follows:

 The focus will be on the insights into your personality style discovered during previous Enneagram workshops, the wings’ of influence and the arrows of compulsion, passions and virtues and ways to avoid traps, old habits and compulsive behaviour. We will also look at how the theory of Enneagram has confirmed our personal behavior.

The program will explore the relationship between the three basic personality types and the development of awareness as a means of personal and spiritual growth.

It would be helpful if you could spend some time before the weekend reflecting on these questions in the following Four areas which will form the basis of our first session’s work

  1. What did I discover about myself over the Enneagram I program and since?

         What did the weekend put me in touch with?

      2 What effects has that had on me since then?

        What effect has that had on my relationship with others?

     3.   Is there a question in all of this for me – especially for this coming weekend?

    4.  What have I noticed or discovered about my gift.

         What have I noticed or discovered about my compulsion?

 What do you need to bring

  • Something to share for lunch on one day.
  • A note pad and pen
  • For those staying overnight please bring bed linen and towel.

The cost of the weekend is $165.00 Live in

or $135.00 Live out.

If you have not already done so please confirm your booking for this weekend by forwarding your deposit of $50.00. RSVP .   BSB633108 A/C 110266335 Enneagram

We will be going out for a meal on the Saturday night so please let us know if you do not wish to join us so we can make a booking. Looking forward to sharing with you the insights of Enneagram II

Dream Workshop

Dreams: Inner Guides to the Wisdom Years

 1st and 2nd of June

10.00 am. -5.00 pm.


At various stages of our lives, aspects of our un-lived self, seek expression, particularly in the latter stages.

The circumstances through which this manifests itself are unique to the individual, but the goal is the same.

It will feel like a crisis, but despite the fear and pain, it is purposeful.

 The dream workshop will focus on this process.

There will be opportunity to share dreams and life experiences according to the wishes of individuals in the group.

Cost: Live in $250.00, Live out $175.00

 Facilitator Joy Ryan Bloore

Jungian Analyst

For Booking 59662120